Photo Find out the International Agricultural Show

Find out the International Agricultural Show

The international agricultural show is an annual exhibition held in Paris, specifically at the exhibition center of the Porte des Versailles. It will be held on February 24 to March 4 for this year 2018. You will find all the sectors of breeding, agriculture, gardening and even gastronomy. It is an important annual focal point for professionals and the general public.

The different themes of the agricultural show

The organization of the international exhibition of agriculture is done in several locations according to the sectors and the themes. With the eight halls of the place, all themes such as the sheep industry, the cattle industry and gardening have their places. Exhibitors are grouped in accordance with four major themes. The first theme is "livestock farming and its sectors", it is the gathering of several animal breeds. "Gastronomy from here and elsewhere" is one of the topic that attracts many visitors with tastings of gastronomy from 18 countries around the world. It is a moment of an unavoidable culinary discovery for lovers of gastronomy. Crops and plant chains are part of a universe full of creations and modern technologies. Agricultural professionals from all over the world can come there to learn and discover techniques from different cultures. The fourth theme focuses on the trades and services of agriculture. It is a space where the Ministry of Agriculture can communicate with all the actors of the trade. In addition to this, the show is the ideal place to find the main actors in the area. Exchanges of business cards and contacts between professionals will be certainly performed there.

Significant economic benefits

The agriculture fair is an important moment for those who want to know more about agriculture and livestock. It's a meeting place for producers, a small community that is coming together to reduce distribution costs and expenses. Customers such as major retailers and companies that process agricultural products come also at the exhibition. Exhibitors from other countries such as Tunisia doesn't miss this meeting. It is therefore an indispensable grouping to improve and share experiences in the field of ranching, agriculture and gardening.

A showcase of agriculture in Tunisia

Tarek Bouchamaoui is at the origin of innovative projects in the field of agriculture in south-eastern Tunisia. ( Through Al Hidaya Agricultural, he aims to optimize harvests with the microclimate of the region, to be the leader on the local and even international market. Tarek Bouchamaoui, with his agricultural sector development plan, will surely reach his goal of passing trade agreements for export. Indeed, the project of planting fruit and almond trees is intended for the international market. Besides, his development scheme is focused on intensive harvests and on-site processing of olive oil, activities that allow the development of the agricultural sector and also the country.